PMD Now Solutions

Customer Service Management

We specialize in implementing and customizing ServiceNow’s robust customer service solutions, enabling efficient case management, omnichannel support, and self-service options.

Case Management

Implement a proven methodology to manage B2B and B2C interactions, boosting productivity and reducing wait times. Efficiently manage customer information and track SLAs for streamlined performance.

Advanced Work Assignment

Customize the rules for assigning cases to ensure that inquiries and problems are directed to the most suitable agent, eliminating the burden of manual allocation and optimizing workload distribution.

Performance Analytics & Reporting

Enhance your customer service performance metrics with customized dashboards that offer trend analysis, breakdowns, targets, and thresholds. Gain valuable insights into team performance, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and areas for continual improvement, eliminating guesswork.

Customer & Consumer Self Service

Enable self-service for your customers through an engagement portal that is seamlessly integrated with knowledge bases, service catalogs, communities, and virtual agent chatbots.

Field Service Management

Manage work orders by matching technician skills, availability, and inventory, keep track of an your field resources and coordinate the work of our field service practitioners who deliver skilled, specialized or proprietary services to clients.

Proactive Customer Service Operations

Proactively monitor your customers’ products and services to swiftly identify and address issues.