PMD Now Solutions

Project Portfolio Management

Leveraging the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform, we provide comprehensive solutions for project planning, resource allocation, and portfolio optimization.

SPM Evaluation Services

Let PMD NowSolutions attentively listen to your challenges, comprehensively understand your business requirements, and offer tailored recommendations for SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management) implementation that align with your organization’s needs. PMD NowSolutions considers itself successful when our clients achieve success.

SPM Process Architecture

Efficiently oversee the complete lifecycle of business strategies, from conception to product delivery, within a unified platform. Experience the benefits of having everyone aligned and collaborating towards common goals on the same platform. SPM stands out as the sole product in the market offering the entire Business Management lifecycle on a single platform, and PMD NowSolutions specializes in deploying the ideal SPM solution tailored to your specific needs.

Financial Management Implementation

Leverage investment funding to align work with your strategies and goals, resulting in a potential ROI increase of up to 400% within three years. Benefit from the efficiencies of managing the financial aspects of your products and services on the same platform utilized for their development and delivery.

Project Portfolio Management Implementation

By utilizing ServiceNow’s PPM (Project Portfolio Management) application, organizations can effectively execute projects that align with their business goals and strategies. PMD NowSolutions specializes in deploying the PPM application to precisely match your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Agile Development Implementation

Adopt a pure agile methodology or a hybrid approach for product development. Implement Agile Development with Project Portfolio Management to seamlessly integrate project management and development, resulting in a unified solution. Experience the advantage of being 23% faster to market by leveraging this combined approach.