PMD Now Solutions

IT Operations Management

We specialize in implementing and customizing ServiceNow’s comprehensive ITOM solutions, enabling proactive monitoring, efficient incident management, and streamlined IT processes.

CMDB Health Check

Enable PMD NowSolutions to conduct a swift assessment of your CMDB’s health and offer expert guidance on enhancing it. Inquire about our ITOM Managed Service to ensure the continued optimal performance of your CMDB.

Connected Operations (IoT)

Discover how you can harness the power of internet-connected devices to enhance business efficiency. Integrate the collected data seamlessly into ServiceNow for comprehensive visibility and continuous availability.

CI Lifestyle Management

Obtain a comprehensive overview of all configuration items throughout your organization’s lifecycle using ServiceNow.

CSDM Alignment

If you’re looking to adopt the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) but unsure about where to begin, consult our experienced professionals who can guide you through the best approach that has proven successful in organizations similar to yours.

Agent Client Collector

Harness the growing capabilities of the Agent Client Collector (ACC) to efficiently discover and monitor your infrastructure. Benefit from its enhanced features to gain valuable insights and maintain a vigilant eye on your systems.

Service Graph Connector

Adopt ServiceNow’s recommended methodologies and seamlessly integrate diverse data sources into the ServiceNow CMDB, ensuring alignment with industry best practices.

AI Ops

Utilize machine intelligence to proactively identify and resolve anomalies before they have a detrimental impact on your products and services.

Playbook Orchestration

Empower your technicians by providing guided and automated recovery operations, giving them the necessary tools and support to efficiently restore operations.

CMDB and Pattern Extensions

Looking to expand the capabilities of your CMDB and discovery? Tap into PMD’ expertise in seamlessly integrating new and customized devices, enhancing your overall configuration management and discovery processes.