PMD Now Solutions

User Experience & Interaction Design

Enabling businesses to thrive in the digital era through customized IT solutions.

Service Portal & Employee Center

PMD NowSolutions revolutionizes customer and employee experiences through innovative engagement solutions that prioritize human-centric, self-service interactions.

Agent Workspace

Enhance agent experiences and productivity by streamlining issue resolution through a purpose-built workspace. Access comprehensive context, analytics, and AI-driven recommendations from a unified interface to swiftly address and resolve issues.

Enterprise Service Management

Our integrated approach brings together various departments within an organization to provide comprehensive service-based solutions to both employees and customers. Together, we’ll create a feature-rich marketplace that consolidates all your services into a single, seamless interface.

Virtual Agent

Deliver tailored customer experiences and automate support for both customers and employees. Seamlessly integrate with popular social and messaging platforms to enhance engagement and foster long-term retention.

UI/UX Design

Manage work orders by matching technician skills, availability, and inventory, keep track of an your field resources and coordinate the work of our field service practitioners who deliver skilled, specialized or proprietary services to clients.

Now Mobile

Empower your employees with the convenience of self-service at their fingertips.